• Going on holidays? The Top 5 Gadgets You Need to Take with You

    Posted on September 23, 2014 by Rissadu in Travel.

    Holidays simply shout fun and relaxation, but do you need to leave your tech behind?

    Don't forget your phone and camera for your next holiday

    Here are the top 5 gadgets that you will want to consider when packing your bags for holidays.

    1. Smart phone
    Obviously none of you would think of an hour without your smart phone, let alone an entire holiday. It is an essential gadget that you need to take with you on vacation, and its uses are endless.

    It can keep you in touch with your travel partners, can be a life saver at a time of emergency, can keep notes or memos for you or can be used as an alarm clock. It can however, also  be used to decide on specific holiday apps to utilize that will be of use in your travels. You might decide on using your phone as a camera, an mp3 player and even an e-reader, but the batteries of your smart phone may not have the same opinion on that.

    2. Laptop or tablet
    A laptop or tablet will be of great use in case you need to catch up with your work while on holidays. However, if your laptop is not of a lightweight type, you might want to go for a lighter option such as a tablet.

    Apart from poking your head on unnecessary work while you are away, it can be used to connect with your friends and family at home, check out and respond to emails, play games, play music and store pictures and videos, which you can share with your travel partners easily.

    3. Camera
    Holidays aren’t special and easily remembered, if not for the memories they bring. In order to do that, a camera can be both very helpful and handy. Your camera might need extra attention, depending on the places you are planning to visit.

    For example, if you are planning to roam the desserts, you might have to go “no-glare” and if you are to experience the cold snow, choosing a waterproof camera makes sense. It is also a wise option to bring cables, extra batteries and required chargers for your camera.

    4. MP3 player
    As the famous saying goes, music heals the soul and this healing is essential on holidays. You can burn a couple of CDs with your favorite music beforehand, and if you think staying in your hotel room is going to be boring, you can add a portable speaker set to your list.… Read more

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  • The Top 5 Health Gadgets to Boost Your Fitness

    Posted on September 21, 2014 by Rissadu in Health.

    Technology is not the solution to life’s problems, but it surely helps. If you are keen on your health and fitness measures, and are interested in synching technology to your routines, this one is for you.

    Here are 5 out of the popular gadgets that will boost your fitness and health, with a touch of modern technology.

    1. Fitness wristbands
    Fitness wristbands are simple, yet effective, which is why they have been able to top the most popular health gadget in today’s world.

    The list of jobs of these small bands is huge, which includes tracking movements through motion sensors, keeping a record of sleeping hours, recording the status of your mood through interesting questions, alerting you about your nutritional information and even telling you about health and fitness tips and tricks.

    Nike fuelband, Jawbone Up and Lark Life wristband can be named as popular fitness wristbands in the world among a lot of similar others which are available in various styles, cool colors and skin friendly materials.

    2. Fitness armbands
    The fitness armband can be considered as the big brother of the wristband we discussed previously. The sensors located in the armbands can be synched with a mobile application that can be easily downloaded into your smartphone.


    In addition to serving as a protective pocket that will carry your mobile phone, credit cards, cash and other important bits and pieces, some armbands go to extremes to offer a unique exercise experience to the user. Griffin Adidas MiCoach and The Armpocket Nighthawk are two popular armbands that have so many interesting features that will boost up your fitness levels.

    3. Wi-Fi body scales
    Say goodbye to traditional body scales and welcome the new body scales that can measure not only your body weight, but also your BMI, indoor air quality, carbon dioxide levels, body fat percentage, resting heart rate and other important things. These body scales can be synched with your smart phone and will keep continuous records on these measurements.

    Some of these can support multiple users and since they use wireless technologies, they are portable devices. Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Scale and Withings Smart Body Analyzer are two of the most popular intelligent body scales that are available in the market.

    4. Blood pressure monitor
    The advance in technology has cut down the efforts to go to a doctor to take a detailed report of your blood pressure. The newest blood pressure monitors in the world involves smart phones and wireless communication to give you a unique experience.… Read more

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  • The Best Tech to help you Stay Organized at Home

    Posted on September 14, 2014 by Rissadu in Home.

    Maintaining an organized home is as complicated as solving a Rubik’s cube. However due to the advancement in technology, the modern world home and garden has become innovative and fun to work in.

    Listed below are a few of the best tech gadgets that will help you stay organized at home.

    control your home appliances with your iphone1. Smart dishwasher
    You may have already heard about the latest technology of dishwashers that involve a “6th sense”. These smart dishwashers can be activated through your smart phone applications or laptop, and is a great way to keep in touch with your washing chores, even when you are not at home. Sometimes, these smart dishwashers are made to keep track of the times, durations of usage and maintenance reports as well.

    2. Weather sensors
    Home weather kits are another type of home-friendly gadgets that are being used popularly, which are designed to monitor various components of weather of your home.

    The features can keep an eye out for the quality of air, temperature, humidity, air pressure, carbon dioxide and monoxide levels, as well as the light and sound intensity of the surroundings. Sometimes these cover up not only the indoors, but also the outdoor gardens.

    The best thing about these kits is that most of them are designed to be connected to smart phone applications where you can get detailed reports from your mobile phone.

    3. Soil sensors
    Soil sensors are one of the most popular gadgets among the garden geeks. The basic objective of these sensors is to monitor the condition of the soil and the garden, that includes soil moisture, temperature, humidity, light intensity and chemical composition of the soil. Apart from these features, advanced soil sensors can be designed to alert the users about unhealthy conditions through a mobile application or other communication modes.

    4. Mobile light switch
    After a tiresome day of work, nothing can be frustrating than having to turn off the lights one by one. As a solution to this, mobile light switches have been introduced, which you can use to turn off the lights of your home with a single touch on your smart phone. However, installing these mobile light switches might require a helping hand of a professional, but the growing number of mobile light switch users show how worthy it is.

    5. Water sprinklers
    Technology has been able to lift traditional water sprinklers to a new level of development. Gone are the days when you came home after a cheerful long holiday season to see your favorite flowers all wilted and dead.… Read more

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  • Parents on holidays – What is seniors travel insurance?

    Posted on November 10, 2014 by Rissadu in Travel.

    We all love vacations – whether we spend them on the other side of the country or the other side of the world! Regardless of our love for them, you can never be sure of what awaits you on your travels, once you leave the house. For this reason, it is sensible to consider why you might want to insure your own and your family’s safety, by opting for travel insurance when going on a vacation.

    Travel insurance is an insurance plan that ensures to cover, broadly, either trip cancellation insurance, or may/may not include trip cancellation insurance, but focuses on covering medical insurance during your trip.

    Unlike car insurance, seniors travel insurance is not necessary in order to travel. Neither is it something that you will end up needing, like health insurance.

    However, it is definitely something you should give a thought about, considering how expensive travel is. Therefore, getting the chance to insure it sure makes you feel safer. Travel insurance is applicable whether your trip is within your home country or international.

    olides on holidays

    Seniors travel insurance is specifically the travel insurance for people who want travel insurance and are above their 50’s or 60’s (the age limit for senior travels insurance varies depending on the insurance provider). Seniors travel insurance often puts more focus on medical coverage, especially if the client has any major (or minor) medical condition/s.

    Although senior travel insurance policies vary, often medical coverage includes paying for expenses if you happen to get sick on your trip and need medical attention. This is an essential part of seniors travel insurance, especially if you are travelling abroad, because your domestic health insurance may not be applicable.

    There may be limitations to how much medical help the policy can offer. For example, in the case of injuries whilst driving a vehicle or another activity might not be covered since it’s not considered a sickness.

    Seniors travel insurance also has emergency medical evacuation, in which the insurance will transport you to the nearest medical facility, and once you are healthy enough to travel, will pay you for you to return home. Another benefit provided in seniors travel insurance is, even if it is worst case scenario, you were to pass away during your trip.

    The insurance pays to return your remains back home. The insurance also provides coverage if you lose a limb in an accident.

    You can get quotes online to see how much your senior travel policy will cost.… Read more

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